US Senior Tour, Bernhard Langer wins. See his Swing in Slow Motion

Bernhard Langer . The swing of a Senior Golfer in slow motion. Everlasting perfection.

Summary. The backswing demonstrates pure rotation of the spine. This increases ball striking efficiency which is confirmed by his accuracy numbers on the senior tour statistics. By keeping the entire spine tilted to the right from address into impact reduces the potential for neck and lower back injury. At 58 years old he appears injury free in these areas.

Back interfering with your game?

Stiffness in the lower back and hips can make it difficult to accomplish your ambition to gain more distance off the tee, or regain lost strength. If attempting any of the suggestions on these videos, remember to take it easy. Build up your flexibility and range of movement slowly, or you might do more harm than good.

Almost all regular golfers suffer from low back and hip pain from time to time. Here are simple exercises to take a look at. I have selected each of these videos carefully and  found the advice particularly helpful to golfers over  50 who are in the process of improving their technique or distance.


As a NZPGA Golf Professional, I do not hold any medical qualifications. Consult your physician before attempting any of the exercises listed on this website if you have been injured or undergone a medical procedure.

Start Small

You may think you are too old to get fit and strengthen up. This is not the case. Just remember to begin slowly with simple routines you can easily handle .

Here is an every day example of a golfer who now has fun.

I once taught a gentleman who was older, he had hardly ever golfed before and had enrolled for a six-hour series of lessons. He was very stiff, with very limited range of movement and consequently could barely make contact with the ball. Despite his challenges, he was enthusiastic, he practised between lessons, started walking regularly and performing a series of home exercises/stretches I prescribed for him. After the sixth lesson (seven weeks) he could made contact with the ball and get around just well enough to enjoy a round of golf.

After the lessons I didn’t see him at the driving range for about 4 months. When he reappeared I could not believe his improvement! He had developed a nice fluid golf swing, achieved good distance and was really happy. I asked what he had done extra to achieve such outstanding results. His answer was “nothing different”. He just kept up his exercises and played regular golf. He admitted to me  that we he first began he was so stiff he could really only start the stretches I had taught him while still in bed, before getting up in the morning. Still, this tiny start was what was responsible for him loosening up his body up enough to enable the beginnings of a good golf swing. Look at the fun he has now!

The video of Gary Player is a fantastic example of what is possible for some senior golfers. Don’t expect these kind of results, be motivated by them!

Mushrooms for Health

As I’ve aged, I have taken time to learn as much as I can about nutrition. In particular, how I can use food and health supplements to maintain my physicality as long as possible. I have come to learn that carefully choosing what you consume is one of the simplest and most effective tools you have to remedy your ailments.

One food I have discovered that has been tremendously beneficial is Chaga. Chaga is the Russian name for a mushroom with remarkable medicinal qualities. It is reputed to assist as an anti-inflammatory, as a powerful anti-oxidant, to boost the immune system, help repair the damage done by ulcers..  even help psoraisis!

Have a look at my webpage to learn more. I highly recommend using this powerful mushroom if, like me, you are looking to remain active and physical well into your 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, 100’s.. 150’s and beyond!

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GreyPower Distance

When talking to many older golfers I have found that the most common aspect of the game they would like to improve on is distance from the tee.

If you are in good physical condition for your age, survey results show you should not expect to experience significant distance loss until your mid 70’s. One of the primary reasons for this is the clubhead speed that can be generated simply from the right arm and hand. You will find several videos featured here showing how the right arm works like a throwing action in golf. This same action can be seen in videos of other activities with similar right arm bio mechanics.

In the next videos take a look at a baseball and softball swing. This is a two-handed swing with very similar bio mechanics to golf when it’s adapted to a golf posture and the swing plane is adjusted to a stationary golf ball on the ground .

An added dimension is an explanation of the wrist action. Note how the club head speed (distance) is increased dramatically when you have both hands gripping the club, introducing wrist action through and after impact. This is not a demonstration of control and accuracy, just distance improvement. Once new distance has been accomplished and the centre of the club face is contacting the ball, I can show you the ways to improve your control and accuracy.

The next step is to combine the right arm hinge with body rotation. Visualise how the best baseball players do it. These body movements are little more difficult and require quite a lot of practice, especially for a GreyPower body, but with increased knowledge, improved flexibility, plus a greater range of body movement, you can expect good results.