SENIOR GOLFERS. Dont Try This Swing!


Reigning champion Maurice Allen will be defending his title at the EUROPEAN LONG DRIVING CHAMPIONSHIPS to be held a Remuera Golf Club in Auckland this November. Take a look as his swing below. A great example of using ‘total body energy.’



Thomas Pieters Drives a 407 yd Par 4. See his Swing in Slow Motion Replay.

Last week Thomas Pieters made even more of a name for himself by thrashing out thunderous long drives and putting magnificently, while playing with the likes of Rory and the long hitting Americans during his Ryder Cup matches. This week in Europe competing in the Dunhill Cup, Pieters hit a drive onto the green on a 407 yard par 4 hole .

See his swing here in slow motion with comments from Kelvin Miyahira.

It is becoming more obvious that several of today’s more athletic top golfers are using a very similar swing technique.  It does not involve using a lot of lateral body movement on the downswing.