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Having the palms of the right and left hands opposing each other is a consistent fundamental with all good golf grips .

The position of the club handle as to where it is situated in relation to the fingers and palm of the left and right  hands, or whether or not the little finger of the right hand is interlocked or overlapping the index finger of the left hand, can vary to suit the size of the players hands and fingers. Another option is all ten fingers gripping the club. This method is often chosen by seniors or ladies with smaller hands.

Where the club/grip is positioned in relation to the fingers and palms of each hand can affect control and distance.  Recommended variations are nicely explained in the ‘A GAME GOLF’ video below.

Some degree of finger strength is needed for beginning and  older golfers, or after a layoff. This strengthens up the tendons  in the forearms especially .  Having a golf ball or squash ball handy to squeeze on a regular basis can help with this.

Don’t under-estimate the importance of a sound golf grip. It’s the only connection between the club (the tool) and the Body (the machine). Any slippage or variation will greatly affect contact and ball flight.

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TOP TWO SWINGERS IN MELBOURNE See the Danish Golf Swings in Slow Motion

DANISH TEAM BEATS THE REST  OF THE WORLD BY A SCORE OF 20 UNDER PAR in the World  Cup Of Golf in Melbourne. They proved you don’t need to be big and tall to play great golf.

Check out the swing of Thorbjorn Olesen. Only just 27 years old, 5’9″ tall and 15 1lbs – not big but he hits a very long ball.

Siren Kjeldsen partnered Olesen for the win. A regular player and past winner on European Golf Tour, Siren is 5’8″ tall, 165 lbs and 41 years old. See him in slow motion replay below.

GOLF TIP. Wrist Action If Your Over 50 Years Old’s

Here is a recent publication from Age Defying Golf. It examines the pros and cons of wrist cock for older golfers. I am not stating I agree or disagree with all the content, however it is well written and most senior golfers should find it very helpful.

Please click below for a good read.

Should You Hinge Your Wrists? Golf Power Vs Accuracy – Solutions for Golfers Over 50

More images of wrist action:





Mackenzie Hughes – This week’s winner in Slow Motion

Young Canadian Mackenzie Hughes wins his first PGA Tour event. Winner of the 2016 RSM Sea Island Classic. Score -17. Because of darkness it took until the day after the final round and the third extra playoff hole, to get a result. Height 6’1″ , weight 180lbs, born in Hamilton, Ontario Canada.

See him swing in slow motion replay below:



Most senior golfers tend to want use their shoulders first on the down swing. Probably, this is because it feels like a great power source. This is much too early in the down swing for it to be effective however.

Start down by initiating a rotating hip action. This creates a path for the arms and the club so they can fall down into the “hit zone” (hands below the right hip). Check out Ben Hogan’s comments below on hip action.


Ben Hogan and Sam Snead are classic examples, time has proven their swing actions produced amazing golf well into their senior years. Take a look at Sam Snead’s perfect hip action and tempo from back in 1977 in the video below. All senior golfers might consider some work on maintaining their hip flexibility as they age, or be prepared to rapidly lose distance and accuracy through stiffness.



In the video below we thank Jim Hardy for explaining ways of generating more club head speed. This speed results in added distance. Learning good body rotation is paramount. Take a look at these exercises and start loosening up today.



Once the sequence of movement is explained senior golfers are ready to begin some drills.

In the video below we thank Robin Symes for explaining the down swing sequence and demonstrating a practice drill.

Hip and body rotation are required.