Most senior golfers tend to want use their shoulders first on the down swing. Probably, this is because it feels like a great power source. This is much too early in the down swing for it to be effective however.

Start down by initiating a rotating hip action. This creates a path for the arms and the club so they can fall down into the “hit zone” (hands below the right hip). Check out Ben Hogan’s comments below on hip action.


Ben Hogan and Sam Snead are classic examples, time has proven their swing actions produced amazing golf well into their senior years. Take a look at Sam Snead’s perfect hip action and tempo from back in 1977 in the video below. All senior golfers might consider some work on maintaining their hip flexibility as they age, or be prepared to rapidly lose distance and accuracy through stiffness.



In the video below we thank Jim Hardy for explaining ways of generating more club head speed. This speed results in added distance. Learning good body rotation is paramount. Take a look at these exercises and start loosening up today.



Once the sequence of movement is explained senior golfers are ready to begin some drills.

In the video below we thank Robin Symes for explaining the down swing sequence and demonstrating a practice drill.

Hip and body rotation are required.

LADIES GOLF – Shanshan Feng Wins LPGA in Malaysia. Watch Her Golf Swing In Slow Motion Swing Replay

Winner October 2016 in Malaysia.

Shanshan Feng. Born Guangzhou, China 1989. 5’7″ inches tall, rookie of the year 2008. Winnings $7,739,919. First Chinese born lady to win on the LPGA Golf Tour and bronze medal winner at the Rio Olympics. Watch her golf swing in slow motion and in super slow motion below:


Body Rotation of a Champion

These super slow motion videos of Dustin Johnson demonstrate body rotation to the extreme. I doubt our GreyPower bodies still have the ability to constantly move this way when swinging, the senior body is unlikely to be flexible enough or have the range of movement and strength required. However, these videos do show tremendous power can flow to the club head from using the leverage and body rotation created in thoroughbred athlete’s swing.

Cutting the Grass

Using a sickle, another example of excellent right arm action in the golf swing.

In the video below, Mike demonstrates using a sickle to cut his grass. Watch how takes advantage of the power generated by hinging the right arm at the elbow.

In golf we do the same.. Keeping the right elbow hinged on the downswing until the elbow is down to the level of the right hip greatly increases club head speed, the key factor to adding more distance on your drives.

So how does this two handed Scythe motion, which does not allow for a delayed release of the elbow generate power? Observe the body rotation’s similarity to the movement of a golf swing. Full body rotation, and the centrifugal force it generates, is the second key to unleashing more distance in your game.