Using Gravity For Distance

Using gravity for distance gain sounds simple enough to the youthful, but it involves activating many body parts, more than you can think of during a golf swing. This harnessing of gravity for distance can be what one loses with age.

Lee Trevino was one of the very best at using every KG of body weight to get the most power to the golf club head through impact, and he was also the straightest. When using  “gravity drills” you are able to perform golf practice exercises without having to think  technically. As the drill is repeated you gradually learn to contact the ball effectively and the feel is remembered in the body.

I personally have used a specific drill, (single arm swings) regularly in the past when practicing. Start with a 9 iron and hit five balls using the right hand only. Then hit 5 balls using the left hand only. Now hit 10 balls with your normal swing. Do this set of 20 balls 3 times before your regular practice. To begin with you may hit only air and ground a few times, but I found this to be just part of the learning curve.

In The Video below  gravity swing and drills are explained in more detail. I recommend regular drills and golf exercises for all golfers, especially older golfers. As the doctor says “use it or lose it”.

Kelvin Miyahira

Kelvin Miyahira is a golf professional based in Hawaii. His knowledge of golf swing method, swing analysis and what techniques work for different people are second to none.

In the video below Kelvin discusses the way we make changes to learn new golf moves and the results to expect. He then demonstrates a drill designed to help a golfer get the feel of how to return through the impact position.

How to you think power gets from your body to the club head? This great article by Kelvin gives a review on which muscles make the swing work based on the biology of the human body. While to the average golfer this article may be quite advanced, I believe it is worth reading. Probably several times.


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