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Senior Winner Scott McCarron – Slow Motion Golf Swing Replay


Scott McCarron, 2016 winner of the Dominion Charity Classic with a score of 13 under par. Born USA, 07/10/65 in California. 5 ’10” tall and 170 lbs, turned pro 1992. Scott uses a long putter. While not a big man he is known for his good length off the tee. Check out his swing below.

“ALMOST A SENIOR” – ROD PAMPLING WINS. Check Out His Swing in Slow Motion

Australian Rod Pampling won on the PGA Tour this weekend in Las Vegas at age 47 .  His winning total was 20 under par. This included a round 60 to start off and a 65 to finish. Rod plays with a weaker left hand grip than most and uses his hip turn mainly on the down and through swing rather than the backswing.  See Rod’s swing in slow motion replay below.

LADIES GOLF – Shanshan Feng Wins LPGA in Malaysia. Watch Her Golf Swing In Slow Motion Swing Replay

Winner October 2016 in Malaysia.

Shanshan Feng. Born Guangzhou, China 1989. 5’7″ inches tall, rookie of the year 2008. Winnings $7,739,919. First Chinese born lady to win on the LPGA Golf Tour and bronze medal winner at the Rio Olympics. Watch her golf swing in slow motion and in super slow motion below: