Which Swing is Best? The Debate.

4507136-Portrait-Of-Four-Friends-Enjoying-A-Game-Golf-Stock-Photo-senior 16th-teejpgWhen I began my career in golf, it was the Big Three who were the prominent golfers on television.  Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player. Their golf swings all looked different. In my years in training as a golf professional we were required to examine and be familiar with the progression and changes of the golf swing and equipment. This began with the olden day  era of Harry Vardon  then moved forward to the  players of the day. Forty-five years on the experts have still not settled on a PERFECT SWING TECHNIQUE.  I don’t think the average Jo golfer needs to know all about this, as it will not help his game next weekend. However for students of golf or advanced golfers it makes very interesting background knowledge.

In the links below Kelvin Miyahira explains with very good comments on  swing theories of  some well known coaches of today and recent times. Click on the ‘ links’ below for a good read.



Disc Golf Swing Analysis

The latest craze is disk golf, unbelievably some of these players can throw golf disks up to 800 feet! (well over 200 m)

If you watch the video, the  power source appears to originate from body rotation. As most of these players are throwing the disc right handed, the body rotation is similar a left handed golf swing. For a right handed golfer, practise the throwing action with the disc held in the left hand.

Use the same body rotation coupled with a hinged right elbow action on the downswing, then expect to hit longer drives.

Kelvin Miyahira

Kelvin Miyahira is a golf professional based in Hawaii. His knowledge of golf swing method, swing analysis and what techniques work for different people are second to none.

In the video below Kelvin discusses the way we make changes to learn new golf moves and the results to expect. He then demonstrates a drill designed to help a golfer get the feel of how to return through the impact position.

How to you think power gets from your body to the club head? This great article by Kelvin gives a review on which muscles make the swing work based on the biology of the human body. While to the average golfer this article may be quite advanced, I believe it is worth reading. Probably several times.


Survey- Club Face Angle at  the top of back-swing.


Bio- Mechanics Review


Measurable Targets


Back Swing Plane


Saving Lydia Ko


A Closer Look at Ben Hogan


Essentials of the Drive Hold Swing




The Hand Action

My dear GreyPower golfers. You can disregard hand action if you do have a perfect swing, as the hand action will then perform automatically . As almost all of us don’t fit into this category, 99% of senior golfers should be interested in how the hand action works and aware of some drills to help accomplish this. Have a look at this video from Henry Cotton, who in his time was regarded as the hand action master.

The video above is a gem from Henry Cotton. Henry was a great champion and you will notice he places paramount importance on the hands. Should a golfer be lucky enough to have grooved a near perfect swing, where the hands are in time with the body turn, the hands will still come into play to manipulate the club face on uneven lies , punch shots, pitch shots, bunker shots and big hooks and slices around trees etc.

In contrast, the video below demonstrates the feeling in the hands and wrists when combined with good body rotation and balance. This feeling becomes more difficult to repeat on full swings as age gradually reduces our ability to turn and stay in balance when swivelling around the ball. If you are suffering from this, take a look at my posts in the Exercise category to counteract your loss of flexibility and balance.

David’s video above shows how the hands and wrists feel and work in a swing which combines with good balance and body movement.

Body Rotation of a Champion

These super slow motion videos of Dustin Johnson demonstrate body rotation to the extreme. I doubt our GreyPower bodies still have the ability to constantly move this way when swinging, the senior body is unlikely to be flexible enough or have the range of movement and strength required. However, these videos do show tremendous power can flow to the club head from using the leverage and body rotation created in thoroughbred athlete’s swing.