Which Swing is Best? The Debate.

4507136-Portrait-Of-Four-Friends-Enjoying-A-Game-Golf-Stock-Photo-senior 16th-teejpgWhen I began my career in golf, it was the Big Three who were the prominent golfers on television.  Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player. Their golf swings all looked different. In my years in training as a golf professional we were required to examine and be familiar with the progression and changes of the golf swing and equipment. This began with the olden day  era of Harry Vardon  then moved forward to the  players of the day. Forty-five years on the experts have still not settled on a PERFECT SWING TECHNIQUE.  I don’t think the average Jo golfer needs to know all about this, as it will not help his game next weekend. However for students of golf or advanced golfers it makes very interesting background knowledge.

In the links below Kelvin Miyahira explains with very good comments on  swing theories of  some well known coaches of today and recent times. Click on the ‘ links’ below for a good read.



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