Own Your Swing

During the 1970’s I was a young PGA golf professional based in Canada and became friends with a Pro named Moe Norman. Moe was completely dedicated to hitting balls and playing golf every day. He developed a swing that he knew would repeat shot after shot and he won many golf tournaments.

I also was lucky enough to teach golf alongside a famous instructor Lloyd Tucker, who was Moe’s mentor in his early years. Lloyd also coached Gary Cowan (2 times USA amateur champion) and other champion Canadian golfers in their younger days. Lloyd often spoke with me of the swing methods he coached Moe about, and the different coaching styles he employed in order to get the most out of each of his pupils. These differed to suit individual ability body type and personality traits. Lloyd’s track record demonstrates the effectiveness of his very successful approach which I was lucky to be exposed to as a young professional.

Check out the video below and you will see Moe demonstrating his skills in his later years. Observe the individual swing that suited him. He developed the basics of this style in his youth when he was hitting balls daily under the watchful eye of Lloyd Tucker. I would not try to copy this swing, but if you can master one or two of Moe’s moves it will certainly take shots off your score.