Tips From Great Putters

Two putts a hole adds up to 36 putts in a round. This could be almost half the total score for an average golfer. Three or four putts on any green should be avoided at all costs. Tour players average 25 to 30 putts over 18 holes. Remember a short putt adds up to one stroke, the same as your longest drive.

Age should not be a huge factor when it comes down to your ability to hole plenty putts of good length on a regular basis. Its easy to find places to practice putting. Even in your living room. Here are some video tips from great putters. Check them out, then start practicing. It’s the easiest way to begin lowering  your score.

Below: Dave Stockton, one of the worlds great putters gives his advice and a practice drill. Others are Bob Charles. Brad Faxon and Ben Crenshaw, all famous golf putters.

Bob Charles of New Zealand. Could be the best stroke ever?