My Story.

The key to recovering from injury is to patiently listen.

A few years ago I discovered damage to my left shoulder caused by golf. This was not totally unexpected as I swing hard and have been doing so for a long time. Things wear out over time and use and to fix my situation a shoulder operation was required. My surgeon advised me this meant no golf for 6 to 9 months.

The operation was a success. I was then given an exercise program by the surgeon including physiotherapy. The exercise began very gently to begin with and was supervised by a physiotherapist. The program was similar to those listed here and started with simple range of movement exercises gradually working up to strengthening the shoulder again.

After 3 months I was allowed to begin some putting and short chips. At 6 months I was allowed to hit easy iron shots. I tried the full hits but my shoulder did not feel comfortable. Not wanting to do damage, I quit hitting full shots until 9 months after the operation. This worked out fine, after a year the left shoulder was finally as strong as the right and I was golfing again.

Don’t let an injury keep you from your game. Listen to your health professional’s advice and listen to your body.  If you have suffered an injury or have had surgery I will be happy to discuss working with your surgeon and physiotherapist to get you golfing again soon and safely.

As a NZPGA Golf Professional, I do not hold any medical qualifications. Consult your physician before attempting any of the exercises listed on this website if you have been injured or undergone a medical procedure.

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