Almost all regular golfers suffer from low back and hip pain from time to time. Here are simple exercises to take a look at.

Stiffness in the lower back and hips make it difficult to accomplish your ambition  to gain more distance off the tee, or re-find some of your old lost power. If beginning any of the suggestions on a posted videos remember to take it easy. Slowly build up to increased flexibility and range of movement, or you could do more harm than good.


Please remember I personally do not have any medical qualifications, so how you use this information is entirely your own responsibility.

I have selected each of these videos carefully and  found the advise has helped golfers over  50 years old,  in the process of improving their golf technique and distance. At the end of each posted video, utube displays the option to click on several other videos.. These other videos have not been endorsed by me as being helpful on the subject, however feel welcome to watch some of them in your spare time.

If you have golfer’s elbow, click the link below for more information and some valuable recovery exercises.

Elbow Stretches – epicondylitis

At the bottom of the following article are a few rehab PDF’s to assist you with your range of movement.

A few years ago I discovered damage to my left shoulder caused by golf. This was not totally unexpected as I swing hard and have been doing this for a long time (things wear out over time and use). To fix my situation a shoulder operation was required which meant no golf for 6 to 9 months. The operation was a success. I was given an exercise program by the surgeon which also included physiotherapy. The exercising began very gently to begin with and was supervised by the physiotherapist. The program was similar to those listed below and started with simple range of movement exercises gradually working up to strengthening the shoulder again. After 3 months I was allowed to begin some putting and short chips. After 6 months I was allowed to hit easy iron shots. I tried the full hits but my shoulder did not feel comfortable. Not wanting to do damage, I decided to quit hitting full shots until 9 months after the operation and this worked out fine. After 12 months the left shoulder was healed and was as strong as the right shoulder.

If you have had an injury or have had surgery I will be happy to discuss working along  with your surgeon and physiotherapist to get you back golfing again soon and safely.

If you want to try any exercises listed below and you have an injury or have had a medical procedure GET YOUR DOCTORS PERMISSION FIRST!

FOR GREYPOWER GOLFERS OR NEW GOLFERS. Most of the programs below will give you a good idea of your range of movement. If you are losing distance and consistency in your golf game, chances are you are losing your range of movement and stiffening up a bit. Try some of these exercises and see how flexible you really are.

From a golf teachers point of view, a swing improvement program must be limited to the students range of body movements to be successful.

Click on any of the links below for relevant information and exercise programs.